Autumn Curb Appeal for Home Sellers

Cozy season is in full swing! Fall is such a magical time of the year, making it an excellent season to sell your home. This is especially true if you have trees changing color in your landscape, making it all the more attractive. But just because Mother Nature is lending a helping hand with your curb appeal doesn’t mean you can’t chip in, too. If you’re preparing to sell your home this fall, then here are our favorite tips for amping up your curb appeal.

Stay on top of maintenance

Just because the leaves are beautiful colors doesn’t mean you should let them pile up in your yard. To make your home attractive to buyers, you need to stay on top of maintenance. This means keeping the lawn mowed, raking up leaves, cutting back dead plants, and patching up the grass where needed.

Add fall plants and flowers

Every garden center in America is chock full of gorgeous fall plants and flowers. Take advantage of this bounty by bringing a few home for your front yard. You can plant them in your flower beds or display them in attractive containers. Create a beautiful focal point around your front door by grouping colorful mums and other fall flowers around it. You can also add a seasonal wreath as well as a few pumpkins or gourds to add to its appeal.

Clean the exterior

During the summer, your home’s exterior is less noticeable behind the trees and shrubs. But once these plants go dormant, your house is on full display. Make it look great by power-washing the exterior and cleaning the windows. Touch up chipped paint and paint the front door an eye-catching color. Also, consider power-washing your sidewalks and driveways. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make!

Check the gutters

Homebuyers will be checking out every square inch of your home – including the gutters. While nobody likes to drag out the ladder and clean the gutters, it’s an essential task that must be completed. Clean out all the dead leaves and debris that have accumulated in the gutters and downspouts.

Decorate simply

We understand the impulse to go all out with seasonal decorations this time of year – especially for Halloween. But you should keep that impulse in check if you’re selling your home. Opt for seasonal decorations like pumpkins and mums instead of scary decorations like monsters and ghosts. And remember – less is more when you’re decorating your home for sale.

Replenish mulch

After you’ve cleaned up your garden beds, then add a new layer of mulch to them. This will make them look clean, tidy, and fresh. It will also prepare garden beds for the coming winter.

Don’t forget the lights

Finally, don’t forget to light up your home’s exterior. Since it now gets dark much earlier, many of your potential buyers may be seeing your home after the sun sets. Ensure they can still get a good look at home by washing lighting fixtures. Consider swapping out your porch light for a new one and adding simple solar lights to your yard for added appeal.

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