How to Clean After Halloween Pranks

How to Clean After Halloween Pranks

Was your home the target of Halloween pranksters this year? Are you worried about how to clean up that dripping egg or disintegrating toilet paper – and fast? A post-Halloween cleanup can be scary, especially if your home is on the market. Here are some great tips about how to get your home back to normal in a jiffy.

Clean up egg splatters

If your house has been egged, you’ll want to act quickly to remove the splatters. Eggs can stain siding and corrode paint. If the egg hasn’t hardened, then use a garden hose to spray away the mess. If you own a pressure washer, this would also work well. If the egg has hardened, first soften the mess with a mix of water and vinegar, then wipe off with a clean cloth. If there are remnants of shells, gently pick them off. Eggshells can scratch paint.

Remove toilet paper from trees

Toilet paper is relatively easy to clean up if it hasn’t gotten wet. Simply use a rake to comb the toilet paper from the branches. You can also try using a tree trimmer or even a leaf blower to reach the higher branches. If the toilet paper has gotten wet you’ll want to act quickly. As the paper gets wet, it shreds and spreads. Avoid using a garden hose to remove the paper, as that will make the situation worse. If there are any pieces you can’t reach, let Mother Nature take its course. The paper will eventually break down.

Wash soaped windows

If pranksters are feeling extra sneaky, they may run a bar of soap over your windows, making it difficult to see out of them. If a blast of water from the hose doesn’t wash it off, use a rough sponge or cloth. If it still doesn’t come off, it could be wax. In that case, use a razor blade to get most of it. Then remove remaining residue with rubbing alcohol.

Erase shaving cream stains

Was your driveway the scene of a shaving cream fight? If so, you may have noticed that once the shaving cream has been washed away, it leaves behind an unsightly stain. Fortunately, those stains can be removed with a mixture of hot water and laundry detergent. The mixture will also work to remove those stains from siding.

Get rid of silly string

Silly string can damage painted surfaces, so try to remove it as quickly as possible from your home or car. First try spraying it off with the hose. If there are any remaining bits, don’t try to scrape it off as it could also remove the paint. Instead, soak a cloth with water and dish soap and gently remove the residue.

Prank-proof your home

Finally, the best way to deal with Halloween pranksters is to make it hard for them cause a problem. Park your car in the garage and keep outdoor lights on. Keep pumpkins in windows instead of on your porch. Turn lights and a TV on inside so mischief-makers know that someone is home. And most of all – be friendly when you hand out candy.

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