New Gadgets for Your Wish List

New Gadgets for Your Wish ListAs you think about gift-giving this season, don’t forget to give your new home a gift of its own. Advancements in technology mean that your home can be smarter, cleaner, cooler or the hottest thing on the market. Here are some ideas for you that are available now or may be coming on the market in the future. Get them on your wish list early.

Here are some ideas for you.

  • Floor plan light switch: This ingenious little device allows you to control the lighting for your entire homes from a single switch. The floor plan light switch designed by TaeWon Hwang for Yanko Design creates a floor plan of your home on a single panel, allowing you to choose from one location which rooms to light up and which to leave in the dark.
  • Transparent television: Have you ever wished that the television didn’t dominate the décor? Well, now you can have a television that doesn’t upstage the house. Designed by Michael Friebe for German television maker Loewe, and using technology that combines LCD and TOLED displays, the Invisio television is virtually clear when not in use, but offers full color viewing when activated.
  • Solar-powered media player: Named the Eclipse by maker Sony, this attractive gadget may block some of the light from your living room window, but that’s because it’s harnessing all that solar power to operate a wireless, environmentally friendly multi-media player. You can stream music, play podcasts, sync to your smartphone and other Bluetooth devices, all without using electricity.
  • Concerned about security? The iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock uses your fingerprint to lock and unlock your deadbolt. This system is perfect for single or multiple users with up to 150 unique fingerprints encoded. As a backup system, you can use a passcode too, and during power failures there are backup keys. These door locks are available now for both right-hand and left-hand doors.
  • If getting in shape is on your list, check out this elliptical-machine office desk: Paring an adjustable-height office desk with a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer, you can exercise and pay bills at the same time in your home office. The desk adjusts from 27″ to 47″ just by pressing a button, so you can switch from the trainer to your favorite office chair with ease. Average users could burn up to 4000 calories during the workweek and not skip a beat.
  • Want music to sing to in the shower? Check out the Kohler Moxie showerhead with wireless speaker. It can stream your playlists, news and other audios into your shower via Bluetooth. The water-resistant speaker is easily removable from the showerhead for recharging.

Need a house to be home to your tech gadgets?

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