What Buyers Are Looking For Right Now

What Buyers Are Looking For Right NowSellers – now is a great time to put your home on the market. If you’ve been hesitant to list because of the pandemic, then you should know that buyers have been flocking to the market this summer. Record low interest rates are motivating many buyers to find new homes. But what exactly are buyers looking for right now? These are the features and amenities that are at the top of most homebuyers’ lists.

Home office space

Millions of Americans began working from home this spring. And by many accounts, some of the jobs will become permanent work-from-home situations. For that reason, many homebuyers are in need of a dedicated home office space. And they’re looking for a space that can function as an office as its primary purpose – not something cobbled together as an afterthought. Do you have a room in your house that could be used as a home office? Then consider staging it this way when you sell.

A big kitchen

Restaurants are a big part of American culture. But since the pandemic forced restaurants to close, we had to learn how to prepare our own meals at home. And with many of our favorite eateries permanently closing because of the economic hit they’ve taken over the last few months, it’s more important than ever to have a spacious, functional kitchen at home. Many buyers are on the lookout for kitchens that make it easy to prepare meals every day.

More than one bathroom

It’s difficult to predict how much longer we may need to stay at home. With so many family members at home at the same time every day, the number of bathrooms has become even more important. Homebuyers are on the hunt for homes that have more than one bathroom.

Extra space for extended family

Some Americans have adapted to pandemic life by forming “quaranteams” – a group of people who form their own social circle and limit contact with outsiders. Many families have decided to move in together during these unprecedented times. That means more homebuyers are looking for homes that can accommodate extended family. With many generations now looking to live under one roof together, having that extra space can be critical.

More outdoor living space

With gyms closed, people are looking for ways to get their exercise in at home. Having outdoor space to exercise helps people to keep up with their health regime even in the midst of a pandemic. And with many people nervous about going to grocery stores, having a backyard garden can be a great perk. Not only does it provide you with fresh produce, but it’s also great for both your physical and mental health.

Swimming pool

Finally, homebuyers would like to have some amenities that make their homes more fun and relaxing. With all this time spent at home, it’s nice to know you can simply step outside to take a dip in the pool. And for homebuyers with kids, swimming pools can be a great way to keep the kids occupied all summer long.

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