When You Can’t Agree on a House

Buying a home can be a stressful process. But if you and your spouse can’t agree on which house to buy, your stress levels can go through the roof. In a competitive market, you need to act quickly when you find a home you love. So what do you do if you both can’t agree? Check out these valuable tips on how to compromise when you and your spouse disagree about which home to buy.

Make lists

Before you begin your search, you should each sit down independently and make your own lists of what you need to have in a home. Once you’ve both finished your lists, rank each item in order of importance. Compare lists to see which items you both agree on. This could include the location, the number of bedrooms, or even the size of the yard. When you begin your search, look for homes that feature these items that you both agree are important.

Don’t let your emotions rule

Yes, buying a home can be a very emotional decision. After all, this is the place where you will make many memories. It’s easy to get swept up and forget that this is also one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Make a pact with your partner that you will each do your best to keep your emotions in check. Even if you fall in love at first sight, remember to take the financial aspects into consideration. Does the home cost more than you can afford? Are you going to have to put thousands of dollars into renovating it? Will you have trouble selling it down the line? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should seriously rethink whether or not it is the home for you.

Be willing to walk away

If you love a home but your partner has serious reservations, is it worth trying to make your case? Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Do you want them to live in a home that they don’t like? Honestly, fighting over a home purchase can put a serious strain on even the most steadfast partnership. Be willing to walk away if your spouse says this home isn’t the one for them.

Take time off

If you continue to have disagreements with your spouse about which home to buy, then it may be time to take a break. New homes are always coming onto the market. Unless you have a hard deadline, such as moving for a job, you can afford to take a little time off from your home search. This will allow you and your partner some more time to reflect on what your needs and wants really are. The time off may be just what you need to reaffirm why you want to move and to get more specific about what each of you wants.

Work with a professional

Finally, the best thing you can do when you and your spouse don’t agree is to work with a professional real estate agent. An expert agent will have invaluable advice about the neighborhood and the local market. Their expertise can help you and your partner find common ground so that you can both be satisfied with your home purchase.

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